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Waterside, Wakefield

Project: Residential Development
Location: Waterside, Doncaster Road, Wakefield
Client: Lemmeleg Ltd

The site had major constraints due to its proximity to Brotherton's Works.  With the help of the Health and Safety Executive, a matrix of zonal areas for development were devised for the safety of residents and workers occupying the site.  Principally, the area is broken down into three zones: the Outer Zone, where development which is more or less unlimited can take place, and is near to Doncaster Road entrance; the Middle Zone, where a limited number of B1 office units can be located; and latterly, the Inner Zone, where B1 units of only 250 sq. m. or A3 food retail can be accommodated.

The proposal therefore was to create a gateway residential building near Doncaster Road, which involved a nine-storey building with a cascade of apartments facing south and west towards Doncaster Road.  Care was taken to limit the number of apartments close to the road noise, and this solution has proved effective. 

One of the other principal features of the site is that it is between the River Calder and the Calder and Hebble navigation canal and therefore is liable to flood until the riverside flood defence work is complete.  Therefore, all the apartments are at first floor level, with the ground floor used for parking and access.