A single new Self

A single new Self
A single new Self

12th September 2019

Self brings together Self Architects and White Design into one new, dynamic, commercially minded Architecture and Interior Design practice, based in London and Sheffield.

For several years the two practices have worked seamlessly together under the same leadership team. Whilst they have retained their own clients, in all other respects the two businesses have operated as one company; sharing premises, IT systems, people and importantly the same approach.

This year has seen significant changes to the business including a stronger presence in London and the south-east to help us support our clients located in the area. The company has also commissioned a re-brand to be released over the coming weeks, along with the newly launched website to coincide with our 40th anniversary event on 12th September.

So, we are taking this opportunity to thank our respective clients for their valued support over the years and to announce what we see as a bright future ahead as we operate under the new Self brand.

Self: creative minds, commercially minded

Self: making spaces and places that bring the best out of people

Self: design expertise and technical delivery using latest technology

Self: providing an easy experience and clients love to work with us