Phase 2 of Abbey Road, Oldbury housing scheme, developed by Self, has been submitted for planning

Abbey Road
Abbey Road

18th November 2022

The development of 6 houses and 11 apartments, replaces a structurally unsafe and dilapidated pub on a significant site facing onto a roundabout in Oldbury.

A row of 6 semi detached houses responds to the local context of 2 storey properties and re-affirms the street frontage. The three-storey apartment building creates a local focal point at the junction of four roads. The cranked frontage follows the gentle corner, with the rear stepping back and down to 2 and 1 storey, to relate to the houses behind. Parking for the houses is set behind the rear gardens, with a row of spaces for the apartment cars opposite.

Phase 1 of the scheme, with 14 houses has received planning permission and is under construction.