Abbey Road, Phase 2

Oldbury, Birmingham

Completed: January, 1970

Service: Architecture

Sector: Residential

Client: Woodbourne Group

Scale: 11 apartments, 6 houses

The development replaces a structurally unsafe and dilapidated pub on a significant site facing onto a roundabout in Oldbury.

The three-storey apartment building cranked frontage meets the junction and gives the neighbourhood a strong local focal point. The building steps down to two storeys and then one for the entrance to the rear, while also stepping out, creating a modulated massing. The stepped form respects the height of the semi- detached houses and their gardens to the side and phase 1 houses. The calm front façade is accentuated, with corner windows, Juliet balconies and a decorative brick pattern.

Six semi-detached houses front onto Abbey Road stepping uphill, their elevations define the street set behind small front gardens affording defensible space. The houses use the same two brick colours as the apartment building and the proportion of the windows creates a balanced façade. The rear gardens lead to a row of two car spaces for each house, with parking for the apartments opposite.

Phase 1 of the scheme, with 14 houses has received planning permission and is under construction.