Chorley Tatton Park Masterplan


Completed: January, 1970

Service: Masterplanning

Sector: Mixed Use

Client: Chorley Borough Council

Size: 25 Houses, 62 Assisted Living Apartments, 310m² GP/Pharmacy, 395m² Community

Self have developed a health and living driven masterplan for Tatton Park and the neighbouring bus garage site. Tatton Recreation Ground, the existing park, is a high-value but low-quality environment, that is unattractive in its present form. There is also a health need for the area of a GP Surgery and an assisted living flats. Self developed a series of options with the Council to address the need for improvements to Tatton Park and the health need. Working closely with the team at Chorley Borough Council, we developed a series of options to address the urgent need for improvements to Tatton Park along with the health need of the local area for a GP Surgery and an Assisted Living unit.

The park is reborn via removing the dominating large hard standing and spitting the park into different zones of an open field, quiet area, paved square, MUGA and play area. The bowling green and car park are retained, with the community centre moving into the main building. A curved terrace of 25 new houses edges the park to the NW. The 3 storey building fully occupies the bus garage site, with 2 courtyards and an L wing. The 62 assisted living apartments occupy the upper levels and the North of the ground level. The Southern part of the ground floor contains the new community centre and GP practice with a pharmacy.