Dalton Lane


Completed: January, 1970

Service: Architecture

Client: Yorkshire Merchant Securities Ltd

Self was commissioned to prepare a residential Masterplan for the Dalton Lane site on the eastern flank of Rotherham town centre.

Design Principles

The proposals were developed in line with the following design principles:

  • A new Village Square at the heart of Dalton Parva
  • Maintain and enhance the green corridor
  • Extent of development follows natural line running around contours of the flatter part of the site and connecting to existing established line of development off Netherfield Way
  • A new access road from Dalton Lane

From the outset, the design was intended to reinforce a ‘sense of place’ and celebrate arrival within the site. A minimal road layout pattern was used and pedestrian routes have been prioritised over cars.

Most of the new houses overlook the green corridor, providing natural surveillance to the shared space. The hierarchy of building heights and urban grain has been used to add character to the development.