Lady Ann Road


Completed: January, 1970

Service: Architecture

Sector: Residential

Client: D Noble

Scale: 65 houses

The scheme has been re-designed to respond to the steeply sloping site and maximise and enhance the existing landscape. The majority of 65 houses are semi-detached with 7 terrace houses. The semis are all split level by ½ a storey, so the houses lowest levels follow the fall of the land. The terraces sit perpendicular to the slope and step up it, following the local vernacular typology. The houses fit within the landscape, so fitting in with the context and this drastically reduces the amount of cut and fill. The houses have a stone front façade, with the rear and sides in red brick, following the local vernacular typology.

The site layout retains the natural features of the site of the stream, trees and wetland meadow. The natural amenity is augmented by a large children’s playground, orchard and grassed playing area, to take the public amenity space to 38% of the site.