Trigot Court

South Kirkby, Wakefield

Completed: January, 1970

Service: Architecture

Sector: Residential

Client: Wakefield & District Housing Limited

Size: 1.38 acres

This site was previously a selection of two-storey staggered terraced sheltered accommodation, which was demolished as part of the project. Self developed three house types; a three bedroom, two-storey house, both as a detached and a semi-detached, a two bedroom semi-detached bungalow and a two bedroom bungalow. The houses have been designed to meet the HCA design standards.

The aim was to create a residential development that is legible and sits comfortably within the existing urban fabric and utilising the existing access.

Planning & Building Regulation Approvals

The development provided 20 units using a range of house types that have been used on the site to create interesting and varied street scenes, but also to strengthen the legibility of the development.  

Overlooking distances between proposed dwellings and existing properties were respected to ensure that there were no issues.

Self obtained Planning and Building Regulations approvals and provided support to WDH throughout the construction process. The project value was £1.9m.

“Wakefield & District Housing have worked with Self on a number of social and affordable housing projects in and around the Wakefield area for several years.  

Self have developed four house types, all designed to HCA standards, which we have used throughout our developments. 

 Their services have included full pre-planning advice and negotiation, planning submissions and subsequent novation to the tendered contractor.

We are more than happy with the services provided by Self and will continue to appoint them on future projects and would recommend them to other Housing Associations.”

Wakefield & District Housing