Since the dawn of time, visualisation, using pictorial imagery, has been an effective way to communicate both abstract and concrete ideas. Visualisation employs a number of techniques for creating photo-realistic images, diagrams, animations or videos to communicate a message to an audience, from simple hand-drawn images to computer-generated 3D graphics.

Whilst most of our work in this area relates to projects we are in the process of designing, we can also offer a bespoke approach, generating individual images for any client, regardless of the author of the design. We are able to offer all kinds of marketing material, brochures, and imagery to suit the commission.

By considering the requirements of the viewer and the meaning behind the type of image, we will produce an image that will enhance and promote your product.   

Pricing Structure

Single image (i.e. first image)                    £950.00

Subsequent images (up to 5)                    £475.00 each

Further images (5+)                                   £300.00 each                  

Online Brochure Design                            Minimum £3,450.00

“If asked I would have no hesitation in engaging Self in any task, due to their exacting standards and attention to detail. Without a doubt, they are one of the most organised practices I’ve come across in this field and always deliver.”

Spirit Group

“Self's professionalism, knowledge and experience led to a successful working relationship with the trust and we have always been assured that any project would be handled efficiently and effectively.”


“The best delivery architects we have ever worked with…”


"What you guys have given me is unbelievable. Really appreciate everything you have done."

John Barton

Leandas Group

“I have always and always will trust Self with all of our projects. They have imagination and style and are great people to work with.”

Chris Hamby

“The Jaguar Estates Group has been working with Self for many years now on a range of both commercial and residential development projects, and are delighted to have formed a great working relationship.”

Jaguar Estates

“Self have always provided an excellent design service and have been very professional and helpful in working within our bedroom development team.”

Marstons Inns & Taverns

“...due to their exacting standards and attention to detail, would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Self for any type of project.”

Domino's Pizza

“I have dealt with the company across multiple accounts over the last 7 years and have always found them to have a ‘can do’ attitude, be creative appropriate to the role, whilst deliverable. The team are always approachable and go the extra mile to deliver, even under tight deadline constraints.”

Muse Developments